Craig grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and is no stranger to the hard physical labor that comes with running a small farm.  In his younger days he worked as a security guard, and as an investigator for the State of Wisconsin Public Defender’s office. Later he earned a Master’s Degree in History Museum Studies.

In 2001, Craig and his wife Melissa decided to raise their three daughters in a beautiful, safe, and nurturing environment, and to give them a childhood that would be hard to beat. That  year they left Iowa where Craig had been the Director of the Sioux City Public Museum and  moved to Islesboro, a small island in Penobscot Bay. They have never looked back. For the past fourteen  years Craig and Melissa have run their own used and rare book business on the island, while rearing their family. Today they have two daughters in college and the youngest in her junior year in high school. In addition to the bookstore Craig now runs the Islesboro Transfer Station as well.

Wherever Craig has lived, he has made a point to become involved in his community’s affairs. He served eight years as an appointed member of the Islesboro Planning Board and three years as an

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elected member of the Islesboro Board of Selectmen. He served one year as the Chair of the Board.  He was a part of the fundraising team that raised $4 million in matching funds for the $8 million renovation of Islesboro Central School.  He acts as a frequent moderator of the annual Islesboro Town Meeting. Craig is familiar with how federal government works. He previously has lobbied for programs in Washington. He understands the complexity of the issues, has worked with multiple stakeholders to reach consensus and accomplish results. He does so without rancor and with respect for all participants.

But one of the most important things about Craig is that he knows how to listen.  He will listen to all the voters throughout this campaign.  He will continue to listen as your Congressman.  He will act on what he hears to advocate for all Mainers in Washington, D.C.