What we call it doesn’t matter — Universal Healthcare, Single Payer, Medicare for All — Mainers, and everyone residing in the United States, should have a basic, affordable, and accessible level of health care. The simple and fair solution is based on payroll taxes where everyone pays a percentage of his/her salary, pre-tax like Medicare Tax, that is then matched by an employer.  This system also provides a low deductible so that an expensive illness or procedure will not cause financial hardship on a patient or family.  For procedures not covered under Basic Care, supplemental policies should be available in the marketplace.

The United States enjoys the most advanced healthcare on earth – I will fight everyday to make sure this care is available to all Mainers.


Education is crucial to success, from preschool to high school, technical school or college. Maine’s college system is a place where people gain job skills, whether they be recent high school graduates or outplaced workers seeking retraining.  Federal agencies must continue to provide appropriate resources to insure that Maine students are able to build their skill sets.  I will pursue legislation and funding to build educational programs that address the needs of Maine students of all ages, whether it be improving our fisheries, training skilled workers to service alternative energy systems, or providing much needed healthcare workers for our aging population. Educational opportunities close to home will help residents of the 2nd Congressional District rebuild our dwindling middle class, and provide employment opportunities for our young people here in Maine.

Jobs and Economy

Maine’s 2nd District enjoys a wonderful quality of life and a willing workforce – a workforce that needs greater opportunities.  We need to build upon our forest product resources and sustainable systems of energy production that harness the sun, wind, and tides, and attract new and varied industries that rely not on tax breaks and government handouts for businesses and corporations but offer a high quality of life for their employees. We don’t need to build more industrial parks but rather improve our infrastructure.  A key component is high speed broadband access in all parts of Maine.  Technology workers could live and work efficiently wherever they choose in the 2nd District.  Telemedicine could reach all corners of the state, and specialty consultations could be as accessible in remote, rural Maine as in Bangor, Portland, or Boston.  Businesses should not be limited or deterred because the lack of basic technology prevents them from competing in the global market. We need to make sure that Maine is not left behind and that we create viable economies and jobs for ourselves and our grandchildren.


Maine is a beautiful place to live. We cannot allow industrial pollution, over fishing of marine stocks, or mismanagement of our forests to damage the delicate ecological balance that makes Maine so special. We need to recognize that those who work in these areas every day often know how to best manage those resources.  We need to maintain a sustainable balance between use and preservation; in other words, conservation.  It is only through conservation that we make room for all types of use within our natural environment so that sportsmen can continue the long tradition of fishing and hunting in Maine, and that environmental protections are in place at the state and federal level. Again, it is about working together, across the aisle, to reach a viable solution that benefits all. We need to ensure that our environment is healthier for our grandchildren that it was for our parents.