We need to do better.

Within the past year, Americans have seen political discourse sink to an all-time low.  Congress debated, on three separate occasions, to take health insurance from our most vulnerable populations and working men and women.  For me, that was the tipping point.

When politicians put their donors before their constituents, it’s time to step up.  That’s why I’m running.

I am running to represent Maine’s 2nd Congressional District in the House of Representatives so that the citizens of the 2nd District will be represented by someone who has struggled with the very issues being debated in Washington.  I will bring real perspective to the table.  I’m a small business owner who has taken on a second full-time job to support my family and provide adequate health insurance.

I served for 3 years as an elected official in local government.  It’s one of the most challenging and most satisfying jobs I’ve ever had.  I’ve had to look my constituents in the eye and explain why I voted the way I did on an issue.  I’ve done it in a respectful manner, even when tempers flared as they can in local matters.

We need to restore civility to public discourse, to see public service as an honorable pursuit, not a platform upon which one incites division and proposes to tear down the very institutions they are elected to uphold.  I am ashamed at what is now seen as an acceptable level of job performance in Washington.  I want Republicans and Democrats working together to elevate the lives of all Americans, not only those with the deepest pockets.  I want to see that this is done in a civil and bipartisan manner with respect for the ideas that all parties bring to the table.

A representative needs to be accountable. A representative needs to serve constituents, not just ask for votes every other November and then not listen once in office.  A representative must hold town hall meetings, have accessible regional offices that welcome walk-ins, and serve everyone in the district, not just special-interest or moneyed blocks. We need to be better.

Those are the reasons I am in this  campaign.  I hope you will join me.