I’m tired of the bickering.

I’m tired of the obstruction and pettiness that now passes as legislating in Washington.

I’m tired of the fights over how to provide fewer and fewer opportunities for those who elected them.

I’m tired of elected officials putting party before their constituents.

This  has driven me from anger to resolve.

I am running to represent Maine’s 2nd Congressional District in the House of Representatives so that the citizens of the 2nd District will be represented by someone who has struggled with the very issues being debated in Washington and bring real perspective to the table.  Someone who has struggled to keep a small business afloat.  Someone who has taken a second full-time job to support his family and provide adequate health insurance without a high deductible that can easily lead to financial stress and even bankruptcy.

I am running because I am ashamed at what now is seen as an acceptable level of discourse in Washington.  I want to see Republicans and Democrats working together to elevate the lives of all Americans, not only those with the deepest pockets.  I want to see that it is done in a civil and bipartisan manner with respect for the ideas that all parties bring to the table.

I am running because I want more accountability from my representative in Congress.  I want someone in that role who realizes that they are to serve their constituents, not just ask for for their vote every other November and then not listen once they are in office.  I want a representative who holds town hall meetings, does not require an appointment to visit their regional offices, and remembers that they are there to serve everyone in their district, not the block that elected them or the monied interests that bankrolled much of their campaign.